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MODULE 10 Launch and Maintain – LESSON 6 Website Launch Marketing Blast Off


Which one of the items below is not on the to-do list after you launch a website?
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You have reached the end of the course materials. That means you have completed 10 modules and 65 lessons within those modules. You will have access to the course material for as long as we have the course, so you can refer back to previous lesson when you may need to in the future.

Of course, this information can’t possibly include everything you need to know. Instead, we wanted to provide aspiring web designer with a foundation that covered the scope of what you needed to know, so you could go deeper overtime in each area as needed.

You now have everything you need to know to become a WordPress Pro! The secret is that the journey is never over. I think that’s what makes this field so enticing. The combination of design and technology leads to endless possibilities, not to mention the excitement of throwing clients into the mix!

Keep in touch. It has been a priviledge to work with each and every one of you.

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