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Your website content is what sets you apart from your competition. You really can’t start to design your website without knowing who your ideal clients are and what it is you need to tell and show them to have them lining up to work with your company.

The psychology of success requires you to:

  • Believe in the possibility of online success
  • Entertain the possibility of playing big
  • Identify and target your ideal client
  • Be willing to be seen
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Risk being different from everyone else
  • Create a simple, clear, powerful, brand message

By the time someone makes a call to a company to talk about engaging their services, they are 75% sure they’re interested in working with that company.

If your website doesn’t have what it takes to attract and convert that target client into making that call, you won’t be getting business from your website. Research shows that 75% of people evaluating companies to work with, have already decided to work with you by the time they call. Your site must show and tell your target client what they need to see and hear about your business to get them to take action and call.

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Home Page Story Content Creation Template

Website Story Creation Template

This framework will give you a map to thinking through the content you need from a client to tell their story in a clear and concise manner. Clarity is so important to a successful website since if the site is cluttered or confusing it will make your visitors move on to the next site because yours is just too hard to deal with.

Download the Brand Story Template Document

  1. Brand Story Template

    The Ideal Client Hero Character

  • What is it that your ideal client really wants?
  1. What is the problem? What is standing in their way?

  • External Problem ( What is the biggest problem to stop them from signing up today?)
  • Internal Problem ( what is the little voice telling them?)
  • Philosophical ( what are they grappling with?)
  1. Meets a guide ( this is you)
  • Show your empathy.
  • Authority demonstrate your authority.
  1. Who gives them a Plan

    Spell out a simple plan for them to work with you.

  1. That Calls Them to Action

  • Direct – what do you want them to do to start working with you?
  • Intermediate- How can you get them on your email list?
  1. Paint a picture of success and failure

  • What doe Success look like if they succeed?
  • What does Failure look like if they take no action or the wrong action?
  1. Once Successful there is an Identity Transformation
  • From
  • To
Home Page Story Content Creation Example from Online Divorce Website

Website Story Creation Template Example from an Online Divorce Website

Download the website-story-for-virtual-divorce

  1. The Ideal Client Hero Character:
    What do they really want?– People want a quick easy painless affordable divorce
  1. What is the problem? What is standing in their way?
  • External

-Most divorces are adversarial and drawn-out. This type of divorce encourages suspicions and builds mistrust that can wind up having the court make decisions for the couple while costing an arm and a leg.

  • Internal

-I don’t know how we’ll ever get through this period

-I don’t want to make this harder than it already is

-I don’t want to spend money on attorneys that we could use to have a better life.

  • Philosophical
    It shouldn’t have to be so hard
  1. Meets a guide
  • Empathy

-Understands that ending a marriage is hard enough, divorce shouldn’t make it worse.
-Went through a divorce herself and knew there was a better way and became a mediator to help others through the process.

  • Authority
    -Is an attorney specializing in divorce mediation
    -Has worked in the court system for 18 years mediating divorces.
  1. Who gives them a Plan
  • Spell out a simple plan
    1. Step One Schedule a Free 15 Minute Call
    2. Step Two Choose the Divorce Package for Your Situation
    3. Step Three Get Started with a Divorce Strategy Consultation
  1. That Calls Them to Action
  • Direct
    Schedule a Free 15 Minute Call
  • Intermediate
    -Download a free opt-in offer
  1. Paint a picture of success and failure
  • Success
    -Get divorced in as little as 6 months
    -Work together to find solutions that work for all
    -Better relationships with parents and children
    -Know how much it is going to cost
  • Failure
    -Adversarial attorney situation
    -Takes much longer coordinating 2 attorney’s schedules
    -Costs can run extremely high
    -Courts can end up making decisions for you
    -Couples end up bitter and the children suffer.
  1. Once Successful there is an Identity Transformation
  • From

-Not knowing how this will ever work out. Being depressed, stressed and upset with divorce process making it worse on everyone.

  • To

-Proud that it is over and that you were able to work out a reasonable solution to a bad situation as best you could. It wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be.

See the website story in action

the-virtual-divorce website screenshot

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