Building a Navigation Menu

When you first get started with a new site or a new theme, after you get a couple of pages built you will want those pages to show up in your navigation menu on the site. The placement of the main navigation menu is determined by your theme. You can also create other custom menus for your sidebars or footers and decide where to put them.

Building Menus


To set up your menu, go to Appearance in your Dashboard Admin Navigation. Hover over it and you will select the Menus option. You will see two options in tabs, Edit Menus, and Manage Locations.

If your theme already has several locations you will see them. And select the main nav. If it does not you can create a new menu by clicking the link to the right of where you can select a menu to edit.

To add items to a menu, you have options on the left panel with drop downs. Open the Pages tab and you will see most recent, view all and search. If you don’t have a lot of pages they will be visible in most recent. Select the pages you want in your menu and click the Add to Menu button. It will add the Pages to the bottom of your menu.

You can then drag each menu item to its place in the menu, and if it is a sub-menu of another item you can drag it into the subordinate position.

Once the item is in the menu, you can click the down arrow to view options to change the label that will actually show in the navigation bar on your site. This is handy if you have a long page name, so you can shorten it to fit in the navigation.

Often if you have sub-menu items, people don’t click the top menu item thinking it is not an actual menu item. To be sure people click the pages that are important, you can have the top item in the navigation bar not to do anything.

To create this inert menu item, choose Custom Links from your options to the left, open it up and place a # hashtag in the url box – instead of the http://. Then add the Title that you want to display in the navigation into the Link Text field below.

Select Add to Menu and drag the item into position just like any other link. You can then add its sub-menu items.

Be sure to click the Save Menu button on the top right side of the page before leaving this area.

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