Using the Website Cost Estimator

The New Tricks Website Cost Estimator ™ doesn’t create the proposal. Rather, it’s a highly-effective tool for having a conversation that will bring you and your client to a mutual understanding of what’s involved in a website development project and what factors determine its cost.

Why Use the Tool?

When it’s time to talk price, you’ll get out The Website Cost Estimator™ and go through the process of reviewing and discussing the list of options and services.

Covering the details of the project, including possible sticky areas – right up front – gives you the chance to educate your prospective client on what’s involved in a website project and also provides the client the opportunity to see how their choices and decisions affect the bottom line.

When you tally the final price, you’ll have an idea if it seems reasonable for the scope of the project. And, you can gauge how your client reacts to the cost.

If the cost seems reasonable to you, you’ll tell the client that the price is exactly what you thought it would be, given that other sites like what they’re requesting fall within the same, narrow range.

If your client thinks that the generated price is too high, go back through the Estimator and look for adjustments that can reduce the cost. For example, your client may realize that they can’t afford the “champagne taste” option for their project, after all.

If you think the generated price was too high, you can offer them a discount off that price, which they will appreciate.

At the end of the consultation, your prospect will walk away having learned a great deal, including having a thorough understanding of the many elements involved in the creation of a website. Having this detailed conversation with your client before they choose to work with you will make it easier for you to set limits once the project is underway. It will also serve as the basis for managing change requests, since you can reference initial decisions made and agreed upon during the consultation.

The process you go through with your prospective client during this consultation creates a high-level of trust and professional respect that will give you a better chance of winning their business.

By the end of it, you’ll have formed the basis for a great client relationship, nailed down an exact and fair price for the project, and, you’ll have all the information you need to create your proposal.

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