The Website Cost Estimator Tool™

The Website Cost Estimator™ doesn’t create the proposal. Rather, it’s a highly-effective tool for having a conversation that will bring you and your client to a mutual understanding of what’s involved in a website development project and what factors determine its cost.

Before using it with a prospective client, we recommend running several simulations through the Estimator process (based on past client projects) to validate that the final prices seem reasonable for what you can charge. We expect that you’ll need to adjust the options and pricing provided so that the final tally reflects the services you provide and is in line with your own price range.

The files and instructions you’ll need are located in the sidebar to the left. There is a Word .doc file that you can make edits to and then save them as a PDF if you’d like to use the paper version of The Website Cost Estimator™.

Demo: Using The Website Cost Estimator™ Automated Version With a Client

The video below takes place after an in-depth consultation with the client about her business, her goals and what she needs in a website. Now, she wants to know the cost.

Although we used the automated version of The Website Cost Estimator™ in this demo, the principle is the same, you just have to get out your pencil and calculator and add up the items as you go. Showing the subtotals allows the client to see as they go along what their choices add to the final bill.

If you’d like to use the automated version of The Website Cost Estimator™ with your clients, click the button below:

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