Pricing Websites Like a Pro

Pricing client website projects can be tricky. You know that overpricing can alienate potential clients, and underpricing leads to shortchanging yourself and losing money on the job. Not accurately assessing the scope of a project is a horror story all its own and can cost you time and money. Sometimes a lot of money.

It’s no wonder so many web designers and developers go into panic mode when the time comes to tell their client how much their project will cost.

Now, you can relax.

Using our 5 Step Guide to Pricing Websites Like a Pro you’ll be able to:

  1. Gain the trust and confidence of your prospective clients
  2. Determine an accurate and fair price for a client website
  3. Win website business
  4. Have a thriving career

Client Demo with Automated Version

In the demo below, Judi is using the automated version of the Website Cost Estimator with a client. If you like the pdf version of the Website Cost Estimator, you’ll love the automated version! It works with Gravity Forms or is available for you to use without Gravity Forms on our website. It’s available to purchase for just $47.

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