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Jupiter is one of our two go-to theme frameworks. We suggest sticking to one or two and getting good at working with those theme frameworks so you are not spinning your wheels looking for the perfect theme and then hours to learn and modify it only to find that it has something that makes it unworkable.

Jupiter comes with the Visual Composer which makes it very easy to build a custom site with drag and drop functionality. You will need to get a license at 75.00, for each Jupiter site you build and publish. This allows you or the client to get updates to the theme and technical support.

#1 Jupiter Theme - Installation and Initial Set Up

# 2 Jupiter Theme: Planning Your Site

#3 Jupiter Theme - Setting Up Initial Layout

#4 Jupiter Theme -Using Visual Composer to Set Up Homepage

#5 Jupiter Theme - Setting Up the Blog

#6 Jupiter Theme - Setting Up the Content Page

#7 Jupiter Theme - Adding a Portfolio

#8 Jupiter Theme - Creating A Fancy About Page (Question Answer)

Su From the Course Asks:
“Poking around the Jupiter demo site, there’s a really nice About Me page: http://demos.artbees.net/jupiter5/pages/about-me/ and I’m wondering how to place this page template on my site. Maybe Michael can advise? I’m enjoying his tutorials and playing with the various elements and options in the Jupiter theme. Thanks!”

Unfortunately, a template is not available from Jupiter. Fortunately, we will show you how to recreate this page from scratch.
Here is a video tutorial on how to recreate that Jupiter Theme demo page:

Click Here to Download the Code Used To Create This Page.

Copy and Paste the text from the file linked above into the “text” view of a page. Then, switch that page to “Backend Editor” to convert that text into visual composer elements.

#9 Jupiter Theme - Typography Settings (Question Answer)

We had a couple people ask about typography settings in Jupiter and how to customize each bit of text to be the desired size, color, and weight (boldness) so we decided to record a short video as a quick guide. Take a look and let us know if we didn’t cover anything that you want to know about text in Jupiter.

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