Getting to Know WordPress

Hello, I am Judi Knight. Welcome to our 14 video course, Getting Started with WordPress. At the end of this course, you will be able to install and configure a basic WordPress website with a theme installed. You will know how to use set up a navigation menu and add new pages and posts to the site as well as use plugins and widgets to add extra functionality.

Note: This tutorial is for using WordPress with the classic editor, not Gutenberg. We believe this is an easier way to and that Gutenberg isn’t as developed as some of the page builders plugins we recommend for next steps such as using Astra theme with the Elementor Page Builder.

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Go at your own pace through the video series, but the sooner you go through them and practice yourself, the better!


Getting to Know WordPress - An Overview

What is WordPress?

WordPress is web software you can use to create your own website or blog. Since it was first released in 2003, WordPress has become one of the most popular web publishing platforms, and today, it powers more than 26% of all websites in the World.

WordPress started out as a blogging software back in 2003, But its grown to be the most highly flexible and easy to use, Content Management System or C-M-S and that you can use to build and manage your own full-featured business website with almost unlimited functionality.

Why WordPress

  • WordPress is an open source software, which also means that it’s free to use and to build other things with as long as the products also stay free to use. There are hundreds of people all over the world working on WordPress so it is constantly evolving and improving. People make money with WordPress selling web design services or plugin development, training and of course using it for their business websites.
  • WordPress is user friendly. It is easy to install and set up and you can make changes and add fresh content to your site without having to call a web designer. Although it is easy to use, it can be challenging for most people to customize and create content that actually works to attract visitors and convert them into clients. If you are serious about your business you may want to hire a professional to create the design and content that will work for you.
  • WordPress is flexible and extensible. There are literally thousands of plugins and themes, both commercial and free that enable you to easily change the entire look of your website or even add new features like polls or contact forms with just a few clicks.
  • There is a huge user community so if you run into problems with WordPress or if you want to add some highly customized features you can find the help you need. It’s easy to use Google and find an answer to any issue and it is easy to find WordPress developers or designers to help and support you.
  • WordPress is standards compliant and includes everything you need to ensure that your content is optimized for search engines, which is critical to your site’s visibility and online success. In short, WordPress is made to do SEO well.
  • With WordPress you are in control of your own content. Some other publishing platforms, including Facebook, limits what you can and can’t do on your own website and you’re locked in to their service. In those cases, if the platform changes or shuts down, your work methods or content could simply disappear. With WordPress, you can import your data from other systems like Blogger, Tumblr,, and other CMS programs, and you can also easily export your data to move away from WordPress should you ever need to or want to start over with a new installation. You are in control of your site and your content and therefor your business.

How Does WordPress Work?

Before WordPress, most Websites had been created totally in HTML, a programming language which uses complex instructions called tags to format text, page layouts, images, and so on. Your web browser then reads this HTML code and interpret all those tags to render and display the content of a particular page. You would make html pages and upload them to a server for your website.

WordPress is actually a software script that is installed on a web server and these days, you can install the WordPress software script with one click from your web host, or if you are technical you can download the script and upload it to your own web server in about five minutes.

Once you install it, a simple web-based program enables you to use a web-based Editor to create web pages, without having to learn HTML.

The Difference Between and .org

If you want don’t want to get your own hosting account, you can get a free site in just a few minutes. For an additional fee Automattic, the company that owns the company that hosts and manages WordPress for profit, will let you have your own domain name on the account. Otherwise you will get to it by typing: But people serious about their businesses, will find limiting since you do not have access to all of the plugins and themes that you do with the fully functioning software. One of the modules in this course will go over the difference between that hosts it for you and where you get your own hosting and have full access to all WordPress themes and plugins and ability to customize the software. This course is for

You’ve chosen WordPress and made the right choice. There is no other tool as easy to use to build your own blog or website that is this robust while being incredibly flexible. There are thousands of themes, plugins, and terrific support options that will ensure that your business site or blog will continue to grow with you in the future.

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