What Do Your People Need and Want From You?

The real estate agent who is targeting the broader community in her neighborhood is “front of mind” when someone needs a Realtor themselves or wants to make a referral because she doesn’t just focus on house hunting tips or property listings. BORING and Salesy. What information does this group want and need that would be of service to them? Perhaps a local newsletter with all of the farmers markets updates or the inside scoop on upcoming events in the neighborhood. Or possibly she can provide reviews of businesses that do a great job or listings of recommended contractors.

This is the type of information that people in general will find useful and look forward to receiving. Wouldn’t you prefer that over receiving emails, even from someone you like, with his or her latest listings? FAIL.
How long would you stay subscribed to a list of someone trying to sell you something that you buy a couple of times in a lifetime?

Determining the answers to the above questions will help you design a newsletter with content that people really want rather than just sales- tool-relevant. That said, sometimes your readers are looking for information on products to buy. If you are a wine purveyor, a listing of great wines for good value would be something a lot of people would look forward to receiving. Putting yourself in the shoes of your audience is the best way to ensure the success of your email-marketing program.

Type of Content

If you are writing blog posts, are you going to send those out or create special content for the newsletter? If you decide to send out blog posts, will you send out complete posts or excerpts that your subscribers can finish reading on your site?

I have found it more advantageous to create my newsletter specifically for my subscribers, although I also post my tips on my website. I pay a lot more attention to my subscribers and feel like I am relating to them better by being more intentional. But that is just me. Some bloggers do very well sending out just their posts.

Creating Content

Find Your Voice: The newsletter is a chance for people to get to know you and your business. It is good to write it as if you were speaking to them. Don’t change your voice and try to be someone or something that you are not. Being yourself is the best idea going. There is a process to “finding your voice” and with practice it gets easier.
Make Them Feel Special: Make your subscribers feel special by sharing things with them not available to others, such as special events or pricing not available on-line. Give them a bit of inside scoop on your company or your life that relates to the topic at hand. This is your opportunity to develop a real relationship with your readers, and if you do you will create loyal fans. It may help to visualize someone that you know reads your newsletter and write with that specific person in mind.

Provide Useful Information: Be a source for information that your subscribers need or want. Provide your perspective on a recent article; be known for the best tips and tricks on a particular subject; or report on cutting edge industry trends.

Answer the Following Questions:

1. What do my readers want from me?
2. What can I provide my readers that will be beneficial to them?
3. How can I best be of service to my followers?
4. What impression or feeling do I want to give with my email marketing?
5. Can I send out posts by RSS feed or should I format it myself?
6. What is the best newsletter template for my goals?
7. How often should I email my list?


Who is my audience: Families and single professionals, living in my Intown neighborhood:
What would they look forward to receiving from me?
1. Want weekly information on upcoming neighborhood events.
2. Need the inside scoop on the neighborhood association meetings.
3. Want to know which food trucks are coming to the neighborhood the next week.
4. Interested in new homes being listed and the price of the sold homes.

Now Your Turn:
Who is my audience: _________________________________________________________________________________

What would my list look forward to receiving from me?
1. ________________________________________________________________________________
2. _________________________________________________________________________________
3. _________________________________________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________________________________

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