Determining basic goals for your newsletter campaign is a necessary step to help insure the ultimate success of your marketing plan. You need to answer the question, “What Do I want to accomplish by sending a newsletter?”

You don’t have to go overboard with this but the more specific you can be about the purpose of your newsletter and its place in your overall marketing plan, the more motivated you will be to send it out and do it consistently.

Having goals will give you a way to determine whether your efforts are being successful or not. Your goals will vary by the type of business you are in and where you are in your business cycle. The first year or so, your efforts may focus on increasing subscribers to grow your list. There may be certain actions that you want your readers to take like clicking on a specific link or sharing your information on social media sites. If you offer products or services, you can measure the effectiveness of your promotions by increased sales.

You need to determine the best way to engage with your list. The content, format, tone and frequency are important aspects to get right for your specific audience

Example of Goals, Activities, and Analysis:

  1. Grow my list of subscribers 200% in the next twelve months.
  2. I will use the following activities to grow my list:
    • Create prominent and effective sign-up forms on my website.
    • Include a free PDF download as an enticement to sign up to my list.
    • When I am at a speaking to a group, offer people the opportunity to get more great information by signing up on my list.
    • Bring my iPad with a MailChimp app loaded for people to sign up on the spot at events I attend or where I speak.
    • Webinars: Promote a free webinar each month on my blog, on social media, and in my newsletter. Have an opt-in that also signs them up to my newsletter. Do joint webinars with people who have their own audiences. This will help me to grow my list because I will have the benefit of reaching the people on their list too and they might begin following me.
    • Ask people who read my newsletter to share a message of my choosing on Twitter, by creating an automated Tweet using Click to Tweet.
  3. Evaluate my success using the MailChimp Campaign Reports.
    • New sign-ups per month in light of the types of blog and marketing activities I did that month.
    • Number of unsubscribes.
    • Number of Click Throughs to my website.
    • Number of shares.




  1. What is the overall purpose of your newsletter?



  1. What are your specific goals ?




  1. What activities are you going to take to reach each goal?
  1. ________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________________________________________
  4. ________________________________________________________________________________
  5. How will you measure your results?
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