Once you have a visitor on your site, you may think your number one goal is to get him to read your content or to make a sale. But in most cases your first step toward that ultimate goal should be to get the visitor’s permission to send your visitor email.

Think of the sales process as dating. You really cannot expect commitment until enough time is spent getting to know each other. Your newsletter is a way to engage with your visitors once they have left your site. That way they will get to know you and remember to go back to your website when they need your product or service.

Growing your email list should play a prominent role in your marketing efforts to build your reputation, loyalty and demand. In addition to creating a quality newsletter, you will need to promote it in all your marketing materials, social sites and at events.

Once you have your list, there are many resources to learn how to build your list. You can start here by downloading this Internet marketing guide from Copyblogger.


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