In MailChimp you first create a list and then you customize two forms that will feed that list.

The first is a form that you create to pop-up in MailChimp. It can only be accessed by a link to it. To create a sign up form for your website, once you have created the first form there is a step that allows you to share it in several ways. One way give you a link to the form you created.

Pop-up Form

First, you will need to set up a signup form in MailChimp that you can use to have people sign up from a pop-up on MailChimp. People can access this form when you share a link to it.

Embed Code Form For Your Website

If you want to include a form on your website, you will need to create the code to put on your website. It will give you the bare bones signup form and you will need to do a few tricks on your site to doll it up. We will get to those tweaks later. First we will focus on how to put the signup form on your site.

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