If you already have a mailing list with a different email marketing provider that people have already opted-into, you can import that list into your new MailChimp Newsletter list. If your mailing list is very old and you have not mailed to those people in ages, you may want to follow the instructions below to send them a plain text “Warm-Up” message before sending them your actual newsletter. Sending a warm-up message helps ensure people will not mark the newsletter as spam as they possibly forgot all about you.

There are two main ways to import your list from another provider:

  1. You can export the list from the other account into a CSV file and import that file directly into MailChimp.
  2. You can export your list into an Excel spreadsheet. Clean up the information on the spreadsheet into the columns that you want to keep in the new MailChimp list. Once you have the Excel list cleaned up, simply select all of the text and copy it to your clipboard and paste it into MailChimp on the import page.

Before you can finalize a list you will have to “map” the imported variables to what the named variables are in the MailChimp program. You are basically telling MailChimp which column has the email addresses and which column has the first name and so on. You will be prompted by Mail Chimp to identify each column.

MailChimp also offers several import utilities that will help you transfer your contact lists from CRMs, such as Highrise, Freshbooks, SalesForce, Eventbright and others, into a MailChimp list.

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