Before you can start planning an email campaign you need to clearly define your audience. Once you get a good idea who you are writing to, it will be easier to decide what you want to send to them and how often they want to hear from you. This is similar to the process you should go through to determine the content for your blog.

What are some words that describe the people you are writing to? The more specific you can be in understanding your niche, the better you will be in targeting your content to their particular needs.

It helps to spend time with your clients and prospects and let them actually tell you what they are struggling with and what they want from you.

In the early days of my business, I started a weekly marketing group in order to get first hand knowledge of the pain points my clients were experiencing. Facilitating the group confirmed that I had knowledge that this group of people wanted and that they were willing to pay me for it. Really understanding who my people were and what they needed from me allowed me to take action on my newsletter with more confidence.

You may want to consider a broader scope for your newsletter so that it appeals to people who may not actually in the market for your product, but would refer customers to you. For example, realtors who only send out news of their listings and house-hunting tips are missing the opportunity to stay in contact with their broader audience, which they could do if they sent out for example, neighborhood news and events.

Although my primary business focus is WordPress Website design, the focus of my newsletter is more on Social Media. That allows me to appeal to a broader audience that may eventually need a website or would refer to me. If I only featured WordPress tips, I would be speaking more to the DIY audience who would be less likely to need my services.

Often people unsubscribe to your list once their initial need is satisfied. However, if you broaden the scope of your audience and provide content that they really appreciate, you will keep their interest and engagement over time. This broader group will either come to do business with you again or refer people to you because they have gotten to know, like and trust you.


But remember you won’t appeal to everyone, so don’t try. The more focused your niche the better.

Describe your readers, audience, clients, tribe:

  1. Age: __________________
  2. Sex: __________________
  3. Industry:________________________________________________________________________
  4. Background:____________________________________________________________________
  5. Interests: _______________________________________________________________________
  6. Pain Points: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Brainstorm a list of the types of information they would they like to receive? __________________________________________________________________________________________________

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