You will want to include a form on your website where your visitors can sign up for your mailing list.

First you need to make a form that will show up as a pop-up in MailChimp with a link. From that same screen, select “Share It.”


Confusion Alert: This may be a bit weird since you would think that you would just upload the form you already created. But, no; you must create another form, an embed code version, to place on your website.

  1. Choose “Classic Form” and then choose “Options”.
  2. Uncheck the option to Title your Form.
  3. Choose to include All Fields.
  4. Do not check: Interest Groups, Require Field Indicators or Format Options.
  5. If the code is going into a sidebar it will automatically adjust to the width.
  6. If it is going onto a page please type 275 px.
  7. Do not check any of the other items.



Now, copy the HTML embed code for your form.

Next, go to your website and paste the HTML embed code into a text box widget.

copy embed code


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