Let’s begin and create a “List”. The following screen is the first screen that comes up after you set up your account. (If you already have an account and are going back into it, you won’t see this screen. In that case, select “List” from the top menu or the left sidebar menu of the normal dashboard.)

Getting Started With MailChimp Lists Screenshot

MailChimp List setup form

Fill out all of the items on this form.

1. List Name: Choose a name for your list that is okay for your readers to see.

2. Default From Name: Add the name of the person or company that is sending email to this list,

3. Default Reply-to-Email: Add the email address for the sender which gives people an address to reply to this e-mail.

4. Default Subject: If in the future you forget to create a customized subject line for a particular email, this default subject will be used.

5. Remind People How They Got On Your List: Every list must include a “Permission Reminder” to politely remind people how they happened to be getting your email. This will be shown to recipients of your message and will cut down on the problem of people forgetting they signed up to receive email from you and hitting the spam button.

Examples of good permission statements:

  1. You signed up to get our newsletter when you enrolled to attend a webinar we gave on email newsletters.
  2. You gave Such and Such Store your email address. You will occasionally be notified of sales and specials only available to newsletter subscribers. If you wish not to receive these updates, please unsubscribe. We look forward to seeing you the next time you visit Such and Such Store.

6. Email Format: If you are sending HTML emails, you must also include a plain text version and people can select which version they prefer to receive.

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