Of course as Murphy’s law dictates, right after I created the video on how to create an email newsletter campaign using MailChimp, The Chimp revised the campaign screen graphics 🙂 The changes are minimal and cosmetic only, so I am not going to redo the videos. The change involved slimming down the top graphic which shows the navigation of the five steps needed to create a campaign. The five steps didn’t change. The new slimmer graphic allows more space to work on the newsletter.
Confusion Alert: This is the way the top of the campaign navigation buttons looks now until they roll out the new MailChimp version:
MaiLChimp campaign navigation bar.

This is the change they are rolling out in August 2012:

New MailChimp Campaign Navigation

You can see that it is basically the same thing. But I didn’t want any confusion when you watch the video.


Choose to create a brand new campaign by selecting the red Create a Campaign button on the left. (Later, you can save time by choosing to replicate an existing email campaign you sent out previously. Then you can simply update it with the new words and particulars, such as subject line).


1. There are five steps to getting out your campaign:
First, choose which of your lists you want to receive this newsletter “campaign”.

Step One in Email Campaign Setup

2. Setup Your Newsletter.

a) You will name your campaign. The name is internal only (whereas your list name may be visible to the public).

b) Create a subject line for your message. Remember the “from field” will show so you do not have to repeat that.

c) Specify who the message is “From”. Personal is better.

d) Specify a reply to email address.

e) You can fill out the items on the right to track social media and send to Twitter or Facebook, or not.

Step two to sending a campaign in MailChimp


3. Design Your Newsletter Campaign
If you have a campaign that you have already sent out, you can replicate that campaign and just change the content.
The video at the end of this lesson demonstrates how to create and send out a campaign.

Step 3 to create a MailChimp campaign

4. Plain Text
Create a plain text version for subscribers that can’t see html style emails. These emails do not even allow hyperlinks, so you will have to write out the entire link that you may want to include. I do not like how it formats these links so I usually simplify this plain text email myself. See the video for more detail on what I mean.

Step 4

5. Confirm
The Confirm screen lets you confirm your details before scheduling and sending out your newsletter. You will also want to look at the popup versions of your email while you are creating it. Then before sending it out to your list, send yourself a test email of both the html version and the plain text version. Please remember to check all of the links in your text emails. If it looks good you can either send it right then or you can choose to schedule it to go out at a later date. Emails of paid accounts get priority in the send out queue, so although they are usually pretty close, you cannot count on an exact time for your e-mail to go out. So if it needs to be there by a particular time choose to allow some time.

Step five


View the video for more details. Warning, it is approximately 40 minutes of email goodness.

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