This lesson will show you a way to make a great looking opt-in box without being a code monkey.

  1. Select the Classic Form Style (from the 3 choices given) to create the website form.
  2. Make sure you do not include the Title: Subscribe To My Mailing List.
  3. Copy the embed code from MailChimp.
  4. Go to the Dashboard of your WordPress site and select “Appearance,” “Widgets.”
  5. Drag the Text Widget into the sidebar of your choice.
  6. Open the Text Widget and Copy the code into the box and Save.
  7. Next go to Add a New Post and upload an image such as the Get Access Today.
  8. Use the WYSIWYG edit box to create some formatted text under the image such as:

9. Once you get the text to look right, change the edit box to HTML view and copy the code.
10. Go back to “Appearance,” “Widgets”, and find the text box with the Mail Chimp code in it.
11. Add the new code above the existing code. Save.

That’s it.

Here is another example:

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