There are many ways to get people on your mailing list and some of them are even legal! Seriously, you need to be very careful about getting permission before adding someone to your mailing list so that you do not get flagged as a spammer and get your ESP account suspended.

Sign Up Forms on Your Website

How likely is it that someone will sign up for your newsletter if your only offer is a tiny little message on the bottom of a sidebar that says, “Sign Up For My Newsletter” with a space for an email address? Answer: Not Likely.

In order to have people sign up for your list on your website, you have to create and place effective Calls To Action, otherwise referred to as a CTAs, on your website:

  1. Create an attention getting design for your sign up box.
  2. To get the reader’s email address, make a compelling offer for an immediate download of something that your visitor will want right now. It shouldn’t be too much, just a taste, a Pink Spoon, like the ice-cream shop offers.
  3. Place the sign up request box in several prominent locations on your site such as:
    • Above the fold on your Home page
    • At the top of the sidebar on your interior pages
    • In or after good post content
  4. Offer a free webinar or other free offer that requires the reader to opt–in to your list. Be sure to tell them that in addition to the free offer they will also get occasional email updates or whatever it is you send.

A snazzy opt-in box on your site is not enough to attract people to sign-ups to your list. You must provide valuable information on your site in an accessible, authentic way with the promise of more where that comes from. People will want to remember you and will sign up to get your updates.

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