Now you have the opportunity to use MailChimp autoresponders to put the cherry on top of your email marketing by creating a series of automated autoresponder follow up messages. ( note this step is only available for paid accounts)

When someone first opts-in to your list, the recipient will get the message asking him to confirm his email address, then an email welcoming him to your list immediately after his email is confirmed. Hopefully, you have put those messages (associated with the list creation page) into your own words rather than using the MailChimp template.

But you have an opportunity to create additional follow up messages to help begin your relationship with the people on your list. These messages are very effective at increasing a sense of belonging and creating a strong bond of loyalty.

In my experience people rarely set up this simple sequence of emails that can be automated using Mail Chimp’s autoresponders. That’s a shame because these simple emails can be quite effective in building a loyal following.

There are several common sequences that you can set up in the beginning, but don’t get overwhelmed. If you can just set up the new peep sequence, you will be doing way more than most. And it will be noticed.

1. New Peep Sign Up Sequence

Someone has visited your website or heard you speak. They found your information compelling to their situation and are moved enough to complete the opt-in process to sign up for your newsletter. Now you have an opportunity to kindle that initial relationship by reaching out to them in a personal manner. As with any relationship, the more genuine and authentic you are, the more your new person will know they are in the right place and feel glad that he signed up.

If you offered a free PDF report when he opted in, which he received in the first confirmation series, here is a sample sequence you could use a few days later.

FYI: For the opening greeting, I suggest using “Hi” or “Hi There” instead of “Dear” to avoid being viewed as a spammer

Email #1 (Day 2) (This is the general gist but put this in your own words as if you were writing to a friend or client.)

Hi Filename,

Welcome to New Tricks. I am so glad to see you here! Were you able to download the such and such report?

If not, here is the link again. (give them the link again. Insert)

I know how busy we all are, but I encourage you to take a minute to read the PDF now in order to (tell them how it will help them).

See you on Wednesdays in the Just a Digital Minute.

Email #2 (Day 4)

Hi Filename,

Would you do me a huge favor and hit reply and introduce yourself? It really helps me to get to know who is reading my Just a Digital Minute.

And Filename, what I really want to know is what are you struggling with? What is the next step for you? Please fill me in with enough detail that I can plan content that will help you get where you where you want to go.

I have a request that when you find something on my website or in the Just a Digital Minute particularly relevant and useful, please let me know in the comments and be sure to push the share buttons to let others know about it.

Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing from you!

Email #3 (Day 30 )

Hi There Filename,

It’s me here. It’s been a month since you joined me at New Tricks to get the Just a Digital Minute. Have you made any progress on your goals or had the opportunity to do any of the tips I have suggested? Let me know if there is something special you want to hear more about.

I know you do have a goal and a message or a product to get out to the world, so if you are not taking action what is holding you back?

You may not be aware that I am actually a PhD clinical psychologist and we shrinks understand that sometimes people actually know what to do, but where they get stuck is in doing what they know. In case that is what is going on with you, here (insert link) is a blog post I wrote on what to do to kick your excuses to the curb.

Additionally, I offer a mentorship program that you can find out more about here (insert link) if you are interested.

If you are rocking and rolling then please share your successes with me. I think it is great to do a bit of bragging. Even small victories should be celebrated!


#2 New Client Sequence

When people sign up to work with you, what can you do to let them know that they made the right decision? Your initial messages to them can go a long way to make them glad they took the step to invest in your programs. Also, tell them what the next steps are.

When you take good care of your new clients, you set the stage for a good working relationship, insure that they will tell their friends how great you are, and increase the opportunities that will come your way by repeat work with them.

Here’s an example follow-up sequence when someone signs up to work with me on a website.

Email #1 (Day 1 – Send Immediately)

Welcome to the New Tricks Pack, Filename,

I am excited that we are going to be working together. To get you started, I have attached some new client information worksheets. Some may or may not be relevant to you so don’t get bogged down with them. The worksheets are mostly to help you think through how to portray your business and its story to the world in a compelling way that will convert visitors into clients.

Email #2 (Day 2)

I have started a Dropbox folder for you where we can share files for your project. When you get the invite, you can download Dropbox to your computer and use the folder like any other. Just let me know by email if you put something in Dropbox that I need to see. And please label the files well.

We also have an encrypted password headquarters site in which each of our clients has a separate area where we keep all of your website, hosting and social media accounts and passwords. You will get an email from this site informing you that you can log in to see your passwords, add new ones or update them as needed. That way we are all working from the same updated information.

Email #3 (Day 7)

It’s been a week since we started working together. I wanted to reach out and see if you have any questions. Please don’t hesitate to keep in touch and let me know if you need help or have any concerns.


#3 Long Term Nurture Sequence

Your regular email newsletter can serve as a long-term prospect or referral nurturing sequence. Don’t give up on reaching out through email to your list! When you consistently show up, someone on your list may ultimately become your client when the time is right or they will refer their family, friends, and colleagues to your newsletter list or to use your services.

But you can also create autoresponder messages that allow you to drip content over time to your list.

Whatever way you choose to continue to stay connected on a regular basis (weekly / bi-weekly/ monthly), you’ll automatically increase your conversion rate.

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